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Blefaroplasty – the correction surgical treatment of the upper eyelids is performed from the fold incision (wrinkle crease) of the eyelid. Throughout the surgery a doctor cuts out an excessive amount of the flabby skin and lid muscle, and then precisely stitches up the wound. Sometimes it is also necessary to cut out, so called, eye socket fat hernias, which are externally manifested as eyelid edemas. It is recommended to apply cooling compresses after the surgery. The stitches are removed during a control visit, usually one week upon having the surgery. The eyelid surgery results in bruises and edemas in the affected area, which go away entirely after 2-3 weeks. The scars around the eyelids go practically unnoticed.

What is the course of upper eyelid surgery?

The eyelid correction – blefaroplasty – surgical treatment is performed under local anaesthesia, within which a spot being operated on is treated with an anaesthetic substance (most often it is 1% lidocaine). The application of the anaesthetic substance can cause a minor pain. Although the surgical treatment itself should remain painless, some patients call for the application of an additional dose of the anaesthesia during the treatment. A pain that might occur in the post-surgical course is treated withthe application of pain killers. It is advised to take paracetamol, with the exception of the cases in which the person is allergic to this medication. During the surgical treatment the patient remains conscious, and does not need to undergo the treatment on the empty stomach.

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What are the contraindications to upper eyelid surgery?

Some of the contraindications preventing a person from having the surgery are: an allergy to local anaesthetics, taking anticoagulants such as: Pradaxa, Xarelto, Warfin, Sintrom, Acenokumarol, acetylsalicylic acid (Acard, Polocard, Aspirin), blood clotting irregularities, implanted stimulator or cardioverter/defibrillator, commonly known as heart pacemaker, propensity to hypertrophic scars.

What kind of lab test should I do before blefaroplasty?

Before undergoing the surgery, it is necessary to undertake laboratory blood examinations such as: morphology, coagulogram (coagulation times APTT and PT), antigen HBS, antibodies anti-HCV.

How long is recovery process after blefaroplasty?

In the normal post-surgical course there is the occurrence of the edema, bruising and pain within the operated on area. It is advised not to drive a car after the surgery. The assessment of the treatment overall result is possible to be made only after  three months due to the existence of the edema. The outcome of the surgery remains to be seen for many years, and its longevity depends on the natural aging processes.

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Price of upper blefaroplasty?

3000-3700zł upper blefaroplasty

3800-5500zł lower blefaroplasty


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